Crinoids, Ancient Marine Fossils

Found in the mountains overlooking a small town not far outside the Salt River Valley, these are the fossilized remains of an ancient sea creature known as a Crinoid. With a flower-like appearance, these are often referred to as sea lilies. In fact, the word crinoid is derived from the Greek word “krinon,” meaning “a …

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Me, Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest

At one point in Arizona’s history, these trees would have stood up to 200 feet tall! When they died, these trees would often be collected by rivers and moved great distances, eventually being jammed and buried. Ash from nearby volcanoes would, over time, find its way into the logs from the same rivers and dissolve, …

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Fossilized Coral Found 6000 Feet Above See Level, Arizona!

Would you believe I found these at around 6,000 feet above sea level on one of the mountaintops surrounding the Verde Valley, in Arizona?! This fossilized coral, also known as “agatized coral,” is a natural gemstone produced as ancient coral gradually becomes agate. Remember, coral is a marine animal, and it is their skeletons that …

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Ancient Plants And Shells

At one point all this was underwater! As plants and animals died, their hard remains were buried in the sediment. Long after the water had retreated, wind and rain eroded the stone that covered them. Today you can find many small plant and animal fossils—and if you’re lucky, shark teeth! I found various shells and …

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