The Spiral

One of the most common rock art motifs, found here and across the world, is the spiral. While it has long existed and spans many cultures and all continents (except Antarctica), there is much debate over the meaning of spiral imagery. Some interpret it to be a coiled snake or a whirlwind. Others say it …

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Flagstaff Hand Pictographs

Sinagua Hand Pictographs, Flagstaff

If you follow me on Social Media, these hand pictographs might look familiar to you. Not too long ago I shared a similar photo of a number of red hand graphs, but in Sedona (seen below). More than coincidence, these 2 sites are likely connected by the same tribe—the Sinagua. Different tribes often used different …

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Petroglyphs and Pictographs, What’s The Difference?

I’ve had a few people ask me what the difference is between a Petroglyph and a Pictograph, so I’ll explain that here (with pictures, yay!). Petroglyphs are carved into stone (picture left) while pictographs are painted onto it (picture right). Easy, right? But wait, there’s more! Glyphs are far more common than graphs. One obvious …

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Red Rock Danger Noodle (Blacktail Rattlesnake), Sedona

Red Rock Danger Noodle (Blacktail Rattlesnake), Sedona.

While pictograph hunting in Sedona with a friend and his kids, we found a number of incredibly beautiful panels. When we split into two different directions, I headed left and over some large rocks when I heard a flutter of movement along the alcove wall! I looked immediately in the direction of the noise and …

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